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Announcing Make

July 30, 2010

Self-portrait by Robyn Chapman, in homage to the great Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Dear Everyone,

 I’d like to tell you about an anthology I’ve been working on–an  anthology about a deeply personal and human act.  This act is known by many verbs: eliminate, defecate, excrete and make (just to name a few).  My term of choice is “poop,” because of its neutrality and plain English usage, and despite its childish connotations.  So, poop is the term I’ll use here, and I ask that you bear with me.

 Pooping is not something people are comfortable discussing.  It’s not something I am comfortable discussing.  For that very reason, it’s a topic that I think deserves greater attention.  So, I offer for public discourse:

 Make: Comics About an Intimate Act

 I enticed 8 talented cartoonists to create comics about pooping.  All I asked is that their comics be human and sincere.  They produced work that impressed, entertained and touched me.  I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

 This August, look for Make: Comics about an Intimate Act.  This handcrafted anthology will feature 71 pages of comics by these talented cartoonists:

Nate Beaty

Robyn Chapman

Joseph Lambert

Jason Martin

 Melissa Mendes 

José-Luis Olivares

Maris Wicks

Adriana Yugovich

To learn more, watch this site or contact me.


Robyn Chapman

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